Global Carbon Solutions - Products 
 Global Carbon Solutions uses new, patented HyTec™ Hybrid technology that allows you to use normally wasted fuel; reducing fuel consumption & emissions.* Helping your existing fleet comply with new emissions/mpg standards.

 With GCS patented HyTec™ Hybrid technology, is exempt under EPA, CARB & BAR. Your OEM emission system remains untouched & 100% functional. All exhaust is treated by, & exits through, OEM catalytic converters. Gasoline remains the only fuel powering your fleet.

*Tests demonstrate CO2reduced by over 20%, HC by 49.4%, CO by 91.6%, & NOx by 59%.

HyTec™is a trademark owned by Monty A. Campbell, all rights reserved.


Solutions for 1) high fuel prices, 2) reduced CO2 emission, 3) reduced HC, CO, & NOx emissions.