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Direct Enabling Technologies for Engine and Powertrain Systems:
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What is it:
GCS technology is an upgrade to existing OEM vehicle platforms. An upgrade that maintains all the advantages of the original OEM investment and experience in perfecting its vehicle platforms over their many years of production and maintenance. By upgrading existing fleets, operators are not required to scrap functioning, usable fleets at a time when funds are extremely tight.

 Existing vehicle platforms are extremely cost effective and reliable. These proven workhorses have refined qualities that every police fleet operator demands.

GCS technology is designed as an exempt EPA, CARB & BAR street legal upgrade to existing vehicles, so there is no delay nor unnecessary expense associated with certification of the upgrade technology. At the end of vehicle life cycle, the GCS upgrade can be removed, allowing the vehicle to sell for top dollar. The GCS upgrade can then be installed upon a replacement, incoming fleet vehicle. Nothing is wasted. Nothing is left to chance.

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Solutions for 1) high fuel prices, 2) reduced CO2 emission, 3) reduced HC, CO, & NOx emissions.